where pastry falls in-love with art.

What’s the donut gallery?

The Donut Gallery is where pastry falls in-love with art. Committed to serving unique varieties, flavours, & sizes that each come with a limited edition piece of artwork. With over 25 rotating donut varieties and many more to come, you’re always able to experience something new or fall back on an old favourite.

The Donut Gallery collaborates with independent artists to promote & invest back into the world of art. If it can be made by hand, you may find it in one of our future Donut Gallery collaborations.

The possibilities are endless at The Donut Gallery— so slow down, take a moment, and savor the experience that The Donut Gallery curated just for you.

Meet the Donuteer

As a Regina, SK native, Sarah Cook started her obsession with The Donut Gallery in 2019. As a self taught pastry and watercolour artist she decided it was time to create a positive environment for donut lovers and artists alike.

“Growing up as an artist I have struggled to find support in almost everything I wanted to accomplish. I created The Donut Gallery to honor the phrase ‘Be who you needed when you were younger.’ I know I am not the only artist that has struggled in the ways I have and as The Donut Gallery we are able to show our endless support to talented people.

This business allows me to combine two of my passions, art & pastry— creating opportunities to collaborate and celebrate unique art with wonderful people from around the world.”

Owner of The Donut Gallery