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The Donut Gallery

Sweet House of Horror | YXE

Sweet House of Horror | YXE

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I. Kang & Kodos.

Lime & fresh Lychee fruit come together to create these slimy siblings into beautiful tasting donuts! Lime buttercream, white chocolate tentacles & lychee eye balls. Lime zest for garnish 🦠✨

II. Homers Brain. (S. 3 - EP. 7.)

My take on the classic “strawberry donut” featured is my traditional buttercream with homemade strawberry jam folded throughout, topped with a strawberry short cake brain on top. Can’t forget the rainbow sprinkles! 🧠 ✨

III. Blue Panther. (S. 4 - EP. 1)

Of course I had to feature Marge Simpson with her luscious blue locks -- Strategically pipped blueberry buttercream frosting, dark chocolate whiskers & blackcurrant bon bon candies as the red pearl necklace. 🐆

IV. Miniature tooth. (S. 8 - EP. 1)

Lisa's science experiment creates a miniature universe of advanced civilization when she pours cola over top of the tooth.

Featured is a root beer & brown sugar frosting hand moulded Belgian white chocolate teeth & Kidsmania Soda Can Fizzy Candy. 🦷 ✨

V. Never(eat)more. (S. 2 - EP. )

Inspired by the first ever Treehouse of Horror episode, The third segment is an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 poem "The Raven". Bart Simpson is a raven and continuously says “never more” throughout the scene.

Dark chocolate ganache with a homemade eat more candy bar on top — miniature poetry book for garnish 📕✨


Featuring artist Geanna Dunbar — Each order will come with an original Kang & Kodos donut eating print by Geanna 🖤✨

Saskatoon pick up between 3:00pm-6:00pm

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