Cream Cheese Dill Pickle
Savoury dill cream cheese, homemade POTATO CHIPS & speared mini dill pickle & pepperoni.
Strawberry Pop Tart
Strawberry buttercream frosting, handcrafted pop tarts with strawberry jam filling.
Caramel Macchiato
Espresso swiss meringue with homemade caramel folded throughout, vanilla whipped cream followed by a coffee caramel drizzle.
Triple Chocolate Pudding Pie
72% dark chocolate ganache, homemade chocolate pudding & buttery, flakey pie crust crumbled on top followed by whipped cream.
Bourbon Peach & Bacon Biscuit
Classic vanilla bean buttercream frosting, Grilled peaches infused with rich Bourbon whiskey, followed by pieces deep fried bacon & biscuit crumbs.
Honey French Cruller
A fluted, ring-shaped doughnut made from very own choux pastry recipe ❤️ simple but elegant as ever this donut is dipped in a traditional sweet honey glaze.
Please note: Donut Gallery donuts are made same day as delivery to arrive as fresh as possible.
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